Hello everyone!  Fall is in full swing (actually it's about over!), and for photographers that spells BUSY!  The temps are definitely starting to feel more winter-like as we approach Thanksgiving next week.  Many of you have already had your fall family photos taken (but if you haven’t yet, stay tuned....).

I had the privilege of photographing my sister-in-law’s family several weeks ago at my in-law’s farm in southwest Iowa.  As an Urbandale family photographer, I am blessed to work with a lot of incredible families, and it’s extra special to do this for my family as well.


My sister-in-law did a fantastic job at coordinating outfits for the entire family.  The blue and orange hues were perfect with the warm evening glow of the setting sun.

I’m not sure that the boys were overly enthused to have their pictures taken but they were very good sports about it.  They appeased their mom and Aunt Wendy anyway!  And look how handsome they are.  And those eyes....

Now my niece on the other hand, she’s my little model who, let’s face it, is growing up fast and isn’t so little anymore!  Anytime I’d say to her “ok, let’s go over there and get just one more” (and I said that a lot!), she was always more than happy to strike a pose for me.  She really is a beautiful young lady.

I always make sure to get a shot of just mom and dad together.  All too often I hear that couples haven’t been photographed professionally together since their wedding, so we always take care of that during a family session.  You may not think it’s necessary, but your children will love having photos of just the two of you together, especially as time goes on.  Do it for them.


This was such a sweet moment when my nephew gave his mom a flower.  He was fine with giving it to her as long as he got to have it back :) 

Unsure of how your photos will look on your walls?  Don’t know what sizes would look best for your space?  I can help you visualize how your photos will look on your walls, like this:


Do you still need to get your annual family photos done?  The weather can be pretty iffy this time of year but we can still get it done.  Even though most of the leaves have fallen we can still capture some beautiful pictures.  Still need to order Christmas cards?  I can help you with that - let me stuff AND STAMP your Christmas cards to help save you some precious TIME!!  If you’d like to visit about planning your family photo session please email me at hello@wendysorensenphotography.com, and cross one more thing off of your to-do list!