I fully realize that I’m writing to the moms here….


I’m a mother of 2 boys myself.  Granted, they are only 7 and 6, but I know the last thing on their mind will be Senior pictures when the time comes.  They will likely rather undergo a root canal than have mom take another photo of them.


Yep, most High School Senior guys would rather do just about anything else than have their picture taken, and deciding what to wear can be challenging.  Girls on the other hand typically have all sorts of ideas and outfits they want to incorporate to commemorate their Senior year. This can be tricky for guys.

Senior boy in polo shirt

But it doesn’t have to be.

Following these simple tips will help you choose the perfect pieces for your son’s upcoming session easily. 

5 Wardrobe Tips for High School Senior Guys

1 – Check his closet first.


Your son likely has great options to wear and you wouldn’t even need to go shopping.  Unless he outgrew everything in the last month! 


Choose two to three outfits (or more as time allows) to wear and lay them out so they are ready to go.  Make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free.  A great button down or polo shirt is always a timeless option and something most Senior guys already have.

Senior boy wearing blue plaid shirt and jeans
Senior boy in navy blue polo shirt and khaki shorts


2 - Don’t forget accessories you’ll want for each outfit.


Bring matching socks and shoes for each outfit if one pair won’t go along with all of them.   Hats, sunglasses, and belts can add a nice touch as well and show your son’s personality.   

Senior boy in blue baseball hat


3 – Incorporate sports, hobbies and extra curricular activities.


This is a great time to get pictures in his sports jersey or scout uniform.  Is he musically inclined?  Bring his guitar or saxophone.  Likes to bow hunt?  Bring it along.  These are some of my favorite shots to incorporate because they really showcase a guy’s interests and personality, and they are usually the photos that he is most excited about.  Well, ‘excited’ might be too strong of a word, but you get the idea!


4 – Dress up!


Consider bringing a more dressy/formal outfits in addition to the casual choices.  Don’t be afraid of a great shirt & tie, a sports coat, or even a suit to really mix things up.

Senior boy in black sports coat and khaki pants


5 – Avoid neon colors.


Colors that are too bright can leave an unflattering color cast on the skin and generally don’t photograph well.  It’s great to use colors but be thoughtful in your decisions.  Neutral tones are always a timeless and classic look and look great on everyone.


Bonus Tip – Know when to break the rules


I generally advise against clothing with graphics and words because those options tend to be very distracting.  However, if it’s something that really means something significant to him, then let’s incorporate that.  This Class of 2018 grad from Heartland Christian School went on a class trip to Washington DC his Junior year and loved it so much that he wanted to wear this special DC shirt to incorporate that part of his high school experience into his session. With blue and gray tones the graphic was more understated and worked perfectly.

With these tips your Senior son will have a unique look pulled together that will tell his story!


With just 2 more spots left in October, now is the time to book your session while I can still fit you in!  Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation.  I can help you decide which products would look best in your home, design a beautiful album to showcase all of your favorite images from your session, and take care of Grad Cards for you so you don’t have to.  You have enough to do as it is during this busy Senior year, and I’d love to help take something off of your plate!