Ladies of the Class of 2020….it’s YOUR turn!


Senior year is busy. I mean, I was a Senior in high school a very long time ago (like 28 years ago. I’m old), and it was busy even back then, but nowadays it’s a whole new level of busy. Between school activities, sports, community involvement, homework, college and scholarship applications, and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life (no pressure!), there’s also the fun of planning your Senior portrait experience.

Yes, I said FUN!


Girlfriend, this is your time to shine, and your Senior photos should reflect that.

Deciding what to wear for your session can seem like a huge headache, but I’ve got you covered. Following these 10 simple tips will help you choose the perfect outfits for your upcoming session easily!

Top 10 Tips - What to Wear for Girls Senior Pictures

1) Check your closet first.

You probably have the perfect outfit already and don’t even need to shop. But by all means, if you want/need an excuse to go shopping then go for it! Solid colors always photograph well, and neutral color pallets are always a classic choice. No need to be afraid of patterns, but it’s generally a good idea to avoid clothing with large logos and text.


2) Prep clothing the night before your session.

Choose two to three outfits (or more as time allows) to wear during your session and lay them out so they are ready to go. Make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free. Dark colors will show lint, so take time to use a lint roller if needed.


3) Accessories and Layers

Don’t forget accessories you’ll want for each outfit – jewelry, scarves, vests, headbands, hats, and sunglasses can add the extra pop you’re looking for in your photographs. Bring coordinating shoes for each outfit if one pair won’t work with all of them. If you plan to go barefoot or wear open toe shoes, a fresh pedicure the day before your session would be ideal.


4) Keep comfort in mind.

Speaking of shoes, don’t forget to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to wear while walking from one location to another, especially if you’re wearing high heels. Keep your cute shoes in a bag and put them on once you get there. Your feet will thank you!


5) Infuse personality into your session

Incorporate props that have special meaning to your high school years, whether it be your sports jerseys/medals, ballet shoes, a favorite book, softball gear, a musical instrument, etc.


6) Dress things up!

Consider bringing a more dressy/formal outfit in addition to your casual choices. Sun dresses and maxi skirts are great for capturing movement. This is a great time to get a few shots in your gorgeous prom dress too.


7) Embrace different seasons

Your photos can represent all of the different seasons, so if your session is in the summer but you have a favorite winter outfit bring it along. If we’re photographing against a neutral backdrop like a cool brick wall, the season won’t matter (although I’ll hurry if it’s 90 degrees and you’re wearing a sweater!).


8) Add something sentimental

Choose accessories that mean something to you. Maybe you want to wear a ring your grandmother gave you, or those earrings that everyone always gives you compliments on. With that said, don’t let the accessories wear you. Too big or too zany can overwhelm your face and body, taking away from the overall image. This is about you.


9) Beware of potential wardrobe malfunctions!

If there’s even a slight chance that your bra strap may show, please consider wearing a good supportive strapless bra, or a bra with removable straps. Bra straps aren’t always easy to remove in Photoshop, and additional editing to remove them will usually incur an extra fee.

10) Timeless, classic looks never go out of style

Try not to choose anything that’s ultra trendy. In a few years, those items can look really, really dated (trust me, I graduated in 1991. Two words: Shoulder pads.). There’s certainly nothing wrong with funky & fun, but be thoughtful in your decisions. You will have these photographs displayed beautifully in your home for years to come.

Bonus Tip!

It’s likely you’ll be changing clothes in your car or some other not-so-private location. I always bring a pop-up changing tent for my clients to use, but if you do need to change clothes outside consider wearing a tank top and either leggings or volleyball shorts under your outfits to make quick changes easier.

With a little wardrobe pre-planning you’ll have the perfect ensemble for your Senior portrait session to showcase your style and personality. Enjoy the process. Senior year will be over before you know it. It’s your time to shine!

Do you still need to schedule your Senior pictures? My fall calendar is full for September and I have 2 spots left in October and a 2 openings in November. Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation - I’d love to visit with you!

*This blog post was originally posted on Sixth Bloom where I had the honor of writing a guest blog post. Be sure to check out Erin’s fantastic content over on the Sixth Bloom website!