We survived the first week back to school!

Here in the Des Moines metro area most schools started either last Friday, August 23rd, or just this past Monday, August 26th. Our boys attend different schools but both started last Friday.

They love school. They love to learn. They love their friends and their teachers who are all awesome. Their teachers love them as their own and that puts this mama's heart at ease, knowing her boys are loved and cared for when they aren't at home.

I've had plans for doing Back To School photos of my boys for 2 years now, and finally just got around to it this year.

I found this vintage student desk at our local Goodwill store last fall, probably after another photographer used it for Back To School mini sessions 😜 By the time I snagged it school was well underway, so it was a little late for me to crank out a Back To School session.

Better late than never right?

Our oldest, Blake, is a second grader at Des Moines Christian School here in Urbandale (DMCS used to be located in the city of Des Moines but moved to Urbandale several years ago). He's super social and chatty...which sometimes gets him in trouble at school 😳 He loves all things science, particularly, outer space and the Periodic Table. And, he loves to sing. He's become quite the fan of 80's music of all things! He likes it way more than my husband and I do. His current favorite? Safety Dance ("You can dance if you want to....").

And this is our youngest, Nicholas, a Kindergartener at Webster Elementary in Urbandale. More on the quiet and shy side, this kiddo is super sweet and loves building with Legos and coloring/drawing. He too likes 80's music and loves to sing. His current favorite? The YMCA. And he loves to try to play it on our keyboard.

Now you have that stuck in your head, don't you?

You're welcome.

How has 'back to school' gone for your kids? How about for you, mom & dad? Happy to get back to a regular routine? Or was it more bittersweet with a few tears? I'd love to hear more about it - leave a comment below and let's support one another in this parenting journey.


Did you know that I have props available to bring to your family photo session? If you still need to schedule photos and want a couple of Back To School shots, let's do that! I have just one more September Saturday afternoon time slot available and one more for October, so if you've been putting off scheduling your session now is the time! Contact me today to reserve your spot on my fall calendar.